The Nudge Global Impact Challenge is a development programme for young professionals from all over the world about leadership, sustainability and impact. It culminates in a three-day meeting in The Netherlands. Ultimately, three participants will receive the Nudge Global Impact Award 2017.


I was asked to make the Awards, three sculptures that depict impact.
I chose to make robust and open sculptures. Robust, because you have to stand firm to create impact. Open, because an open attitude is necessary, with an eye and respect for the environment.


I made the sculptures in the wood of an old olive tree, wood with character, 'self-willed' wood. As always, I worked in an organic way, without clear plan, just the notions of robustness and openness in mind. I used both hand tools (gouges, hammer) and machine tools (angle grinder and drill with graters and abrasive discs). A video of the process can be seen on YouTube.

The sculptures are not identical. The wood would not permit me to do that and, moreover, those who create impact are not identical. They are unique in the way they create impact, they deserve unique sculptures.


Friday November 27 the winners received the Awards in the Peace Palace in The Hague. It was an honour for me to make the Awards.



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